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Drake Kanaabo Ministries is also involved in a number of different activities that help the community to develop and also the aide the unfortunate through our wide array if different programs.


Osanidde is a child's project that consists of an orphanage that is home to 160 orphaned children, gathered from the poverty and HIV-Stricken Islands in Lake Victoria. Osanidde children's home has 16 houses that accommodate 10 children per house and a female caretaker (House Mama).

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Rapha medical center started operating in 2011, however prior to that, it was operating as a very small remote clinic in one room. Rapha is the only major Health care center III on Bussi Island and has greatly reduced thousands of pre and post natal deaths of pregnant mothers that had no access to healthcare. Rapha also offers free HIV/AIDS medication to over 2400 patients spread across the nearby islands.

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Talemwa schools are education institutions setup to enable our orphaned children to attain a decent education and teach them different life skills and above all, the values of the Kingdom of God. Talemwa has three institutions namely; Talemwa Nursery, Talemwa Primary and Talemwa High school all with dedicated and well-qualified teachers to execute the job to the best of their abilities.


Christians for Israel started operation in Uganda in the year 2009. It is an institution dedicated to sensitizing the community about the current affairs of Israel, the biblical stance of Israel and us believers, and lastly, to pray and support the state of Israel as we draw toward the end of times.

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Israel Ambassador in Bussi Island
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